'Highly recommend going with Leon. Our session was really relaxed and he made it so easy to be natural in front of the camera. I was very pleased with the finished pictures, they are more than just actors headshots, they've got a very personal and different aesthetic to them.' Agnes Rivet

'Working with Leon was great and lots of fun! He took so many good photos - so deciding which ones to use was the only problem. I got really good feedback on the pics and both, my English and my German agent work with them. I can highly recommend to shoot with Leon!' Jo Weil

'Leon is a brilliant headshot photographer. He takes time to get exactly the look you want, and is more than happy to try indoor & outdoor shots. The atmosphere was really relaxed & warm throughout (and I HATE getting my picture taken!) and considering the quality of the shots, the fee was very reasonable. I'll continue to recommend him to others.' Lawrence Boothman

'I wholeheartedly endorse Leon, we had a great, relaxed session with plenty of time to try different outfits, very reasonably priced and terrific, distinctive headshots as a result.' Dan Copeland'

I would recommend Leon to anyone looking for headshots! He is really good at bringing out the essence of 'you' in his photographs, probably because he creates such a relaxed atmosphere and takes time to work out what suits each person best. I was very impressed with how many photographs and retouches he has available for his price and I was enormously happy with the results. Thanks Leon!' Daisy Porter

'Leon was fantastic, he made me feel welcome and comfortable pretty much immediately! His relaxed approach and chatty attitude made it really easy to get some great photographs. He took his time and I felt that i got the most out of my session in only an hour and a half. I would highly recommend him.' Jenna Hughes

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